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Selective Tests

About Our Tests

OC: New Format Tests :

Currently 52 tests (1645 questions) in all:
  • Reading: 17 tests
  • Math Reasoning: 17 tests
  • Thinking Skills: 18 tests
Membership ALSO includes 1,665 questions in the "old format" !
We intend to add new tests after the Selective Exam in March 2023.

OC Tests: New Test Format

There will be three tests conducted on the one day, consisting of Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, and Thinking Skills, in that order.

  • Reading: 25 Questions : 30 minutes
  • Math Reasoning: 35 Questions : 40 minutes
  • Thinking Skills: 30 Questions : 30 minutes

Opportunity Class "old" format

The test format was modelled after the NSW Opportunity Class (OC) Test to help prepare for entry into year 5 and 6 in Opportunity Class (OC) schools

All tests contain a mixture of questions in Mathematics, General Ability and Reading Comprehension.

Number of questions

For the Opportunity Class (OC) "old format" practice tests, there are currently approximately 1665 questions in this database.

SelectiveTests Provides Online Practice Tests.

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These online practice tests can be used, not only by NSW school students, but by students in all Australian states that are preparing their children for curriculum at this level.

Test Practice Modes

These are non-Timed tests. Questions are served randomly from the entire question database. It is possible to get the same question across different tests, since the number of questions is limited in the database. No history of your performance on these tests is saved (except the last test taken for each subject).

"TimedScore" Mode:
The questions contained in each TimedScore test are pre-defined, and you have a limited amount of time within which to complete a test. They simulate the real-world exams. Questions come from the same database as the Practice Mode tests. History of your tests is stored for the entire duration of your membership. You can review every question from the tests you took in the past at any time.
You can take the same TimedScore test as many times as you like, until you perfect it!

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July's Year 5 Top Members   01/08/2022
Congratulations, to July's Year 5 member, NIRIK who stood first with a score of 260 out of 320. HAZEL_C was a very close runner-up with a score of 260. Well Done!

July's Year 7 Top Members   01/08/2022
Congratulations to July's Year 7 top member, DEVILOOO who achieved a score of 204 out of 240. DRAGONX was a close runner-up with a score of 201. Congratulations!

Tests in new Selctive format   01/08/2022
We will resume work on creating tests in the new format for the Selective exam. New tests for OC are now on hold for the next few months.

"Hi Tarun, last year I got into OC with a score of 250 out of 300. Now I am preparing for the selective and I hope I do very well. Your site has helped a lot in the OC test and I bet it will be the same for the selective! Thanks!"

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Selective: New Format Tests
Last Loaded:

  • Reading: 03 Mar 2022
  • Math Reasoning: 18 Feb 2022
  • Thinking Skills: 06 Aug 2022
Currently 44 tests in all:
  • Reading: 16 Tests
  • Math Reasoning: 16 Tests
  • Thinking Skills: 12 Tests
We intend to add new tests over the next few months (at least 1 new test every week).
Membership also includes 3,765 questions in the "old format" !

Selective Tests: New Test Format

The new tests and their formats are as follows:

  • Reading: 40 minutes: 30 Questions
  • Math Reasoning: 40 minutes: 35 Questions
  • Thinking Skills: 40 minutes: 40 Questions
  • Writing: 30 minutes

We encourage you to continue practising with the "old format" as well - there are many similarities.

Selective School "old" format

Number of questions

For the Selective School practice tests, there are currently approximately 3765 questions in this database, with approximately 1125 English, 1200 Mathematics and 1440 General Ability questions.

Additionally, we are gradually adding tests in the new NSW format.

Also, an Essay Competition is held every few months. Entry is free for all Selective Package members and feedback is provided to all participants (currently on hold).

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