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Selective Tests

Pricing Plans

The only difference between these plans is the duration of membership.

Y7 Packages: Selective School Exam Test Preparation

(Your student is currently in Year5/6, attempting to enter Year7/8)

DescriptionPriceExample End Date*
Y701MONTH - Selective Test Preparation for 1 Month60.0003 Jan 2022
Y702MONTH - Selective Test Preparation for 2 Months95.0003 Feb 2022
Y703MONTH - Selective Test Preparation for 3 Months115.0003 Mar 2022
Y704MONTH - Selective Test Preparation for 4 Months130.0003 Apr 2022
Y705MONTH - Selective Test Preparation for 5 Months150.0003 May 2022
Y706MONTH - Selective Test Preparation for 6 Months170.0003 Jun 2022
Y709MONTH - Selective Test Preparation for 9 Months210.0003 Sep 2022
Y712MONTH - Selective Test Preparation for 12 Months225.0003 Dec 2022
Y718MONTH - Selective Test Preparation for 18 Months280.0003 Jun 2023
* Based on payment receipt and membership being activated today

Y5 Packages: Opportunity Class Exam Test Preparation

(Your student is currently in Year3/4, attempting to enter Year5/6)

DescriptionPriceExample End Date*
Y501MONTH - OC Test Preparation for 1 Month50.0003 Jan 2022
Y502MONTH - OC Test Preparation for 2 Months82.0003 Feb 2022
Y503MONTH - OC Test Preparation for 3 Months95.0003 Mar 2022
Y504MONTH - OC Test Preparation for 4 Months115.0003 Apr 2022
Y505MONTH - OC Test Preparation for 5 Months130.0003 May 2022
Y506MONTH - OC Test Preparation for 6 Months140.0003 Jun 2022
Y509MONTH - OC Test Preparation for 9 Months155.0003 Sep 2022
Y512MONTH - OC Test Preparation for 12 Months180.0003 Dec 2022
Y518MONTH - OC Test Preparation for 18 Months198.0003 Jun 2023
YMIX24MONTH - *Do Not Choose* MIX Preparation for 24 Months 330.0003 Dec 2023
* Based on payment receipt and membership being activated today

You'll get complete access to all our tests for the relevant membership, either OC Exam Prep or Selective School Prep, plus these great features:

  • Unlimited tests in Practice mode for Mathematics, English, and General Ability
  • Numerous TimedScore Tests for Mathematics and English
  • Tests at different levels of difficulty - build your confidence
  • A growing database of Timed Score Tests
  • Many reporting features


Number of questions


Currently there are approximately 3765 questions in this database, with approximately 1125 English, 1200 Mathematics and 1440 General Ability questions.

Also, an Essay Competition is held every few months. Entry is free for all Y7 Package members and feedback is provided to all participants

Additionally, we are loading tests in the new Selective format for English (Reading), Maths Reasoning and Thinking Skills. We have already loaded approx 15 tests in the new format, and will continue loading more after July 2021 (after the OC test). These will automatically be available, when loaded, for existing as well as new members.


Currently there are approximately 1665 questions in this database.

We are also currently loading tests in the new OC format for English (Reading), Maths Reasoning and Thinking Skills. We expect to load at least two new tests every week until July 2021. These will automatically be available, when loaded, for existing as well as new members.


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Practice Mode

These are non-Timed tests. Questions are served randomly from the entire question database. It is possible to get the same question across different tests, since the number of questions is limited in the database. No history of your performance on these tests is saved (except the last test taken for each subject).

TimedScore Mode

The questions contained in each TimedScore test are pre-defined, and you have a limited amount of time within which to complete a test. They simulate the real-world exams. Questions come from the same database as the Practice Mode tests. History of your tests is stored for the entire duration of your membership. You can review every question from the tests you took in the past at any time.

You can take the same TimedScore test as many times as you like, until you perfect it!

"My son got an offer to attend the selective school and will go into year 7 next year. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all at the selective test website. It was the best decision we made to purchase the test access. My son had 2 1/2 months on with your tests and he improved so much. More than anything else, he enjoyed doing the tests and the ability for him to monitor his own progress and compete against others was very stimulating. My son only did your tests and initially he found them extremely hard, but with the easy to understand instructions how to correct the mistakes he improved a lot. More than anything he learnt strategies to do his best on timed scores. Now my daughter is using the website to prepare for her test next year.
I will recommend the site any parent who is interested in helping their kids prepare for the tests.
Kind regards"

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