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Selective Tests

About Selective Tests

SelectiveTests is wholly owned by Spartakas Pty Ltd and is a provider of on-line practice tests for the Selective High Schools for entry into Grade 7 NSW Selective Schools.

Spartakas was founded in 2004 from an idea Tarun had, based on his experience with his son (see side bar). Brian and Reggie helped turn this idea into reality. Over the years, thousands of members have used our tests for their preparation.  Based on feedback from MANY satisfied parents, all of us at Spartakas know that we are definitely on the right track.

Spartakas has attempted to level the playing field by making practice tests affordable for all. SelectiveTests may be used to supplement tuitions and private tutoring or as an addition to a self-study program.

Included are practice tests for English, Mathematics, General Ability, and Written Expression. Automatic correction and record keeping is provided for all subjects except Written Expression.

Answer Strategies are provided with the test results to help your child learn and improve. In addition, drill-down charts are available to students and parents to help them identify areas to focus on.

Join today and start your child on a path to a brighter future!

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Our Founders

In 2004, Tarun underwent what many parents do - preparation of his child for Sydney's Selective Schools Test. After a careful review of available options, Tarun was not able to find the kind of resource he thought would be most beneficial in helping his child succeed. After the test and having learned first hand about the preparation process, Tarun set out to develop the kind of resource he wished would have been available to him and his child. SelectiveTests is the culmination of that dream. Academically Tarun has achieved a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and an MBA.

Reggie began his career as a courier service Sales Representative, and was soon promoted to Branch Manager. Building on his success, Reggie founded his own courier service business. Reggie believes one of the keys to his achievements has been his focus on business ethics and social responsibility. In his free time, Reggie enjoys beach fishing, camping, and just about all non-desk activities. Reggie has completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and holds a Certificate of Accounting in Sydney.

Brian brings over 14 years of IT development experience. His primary technical skill set is as a Data Warehouse Developer. Brian started his IT career as an associate for Andersen Consulting. He has full project life cycle experience including requirements gathering, estimating, and prioritizing work load. He enjoys the interaction with end-users, understanding the underlying business requirements and creating applications that make a significant positive impact on the business unit. Brian has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.