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The SelectiveTests Difference

Initially SelectiveTests was one of the first websites of its kind established in Australia. Even today, we provide certain features that are not commonly found with any of our competitors. A few of the major areas that make a difference are

Essay Competitions

To assist with the Written Expression Component of the Selective School Test, we hold essay competitions 3 to 4 times a year. Entry is free and is open to all Selective members (not OC members). Feedback is provided to all participants. Previous essay competition topics and winning entries are available to members to view, and from which they can learn.

No Limitations
We do not impose any limits such as maximum tests per day/week on the OC practice tests or Selective school practice tests. The only natural limit, of course, is the size of our database.

Multiple Test modes
Opportunity Class and Selective school practice tests can be taken in PRACTICE or TimedScore mode. More on this on our home page.

At the end of each test, a student gets information on how his/her test performance compares with others that have taken the same test in the past.

Automated weekly emails are sent to the parent - with a summary of practice tests taken, scores etc. from the previous week.

Free Sample Tests
Free sample tests for Selective Tests in Maths, GA (General Ability), English Reading and for Opportunity Class (OC) (including Reading, Mathematical Reasoning and Thinking Skills) are available for you to get a feel for our offerings. Click on the menu item for "Free Tests" above.

SelectiveTests provides online practice tests to help prepare for the NSW Opportunity Class and NSW Selective School Exams.

We have been helping students prepare for the Selective School entry tests since 2005. Thousands of students have used our services since then.

Listed below are some useful features for Students as well as parents when it comes to using our practice tests for OC or Selective Tests preparation:


  • Competitive and fun learning environment
  • Immediate feedback on test performance compared to other students
  • Practise and learn at your own speed
  • Ample timed tests, with lots of questions
  • Detailed explanations for answers
  • Answer Strategies (Tips/Tricks) easily explain concepts
  • Monitor your progress over time
  • Build confidence for the real test


  • Progress reports emailed to you at regular intervals
  • Graphical charts to help identify areas for your child to focus on
  • Monitor your child's progress over time
  • Gain peace of mind that your child is practising and preparing

Important Dates

For OC Schools and Selective High Schools placement dates, please click here.

After The Test

We care. Send us some feedback! We'd love to hear your experience and how you thought the website helped you prepare.

All the very best from all of us!

Our Services

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Our Aim

  • Help Parents along with this journey
  • Provide quality practice tests
  • Level the playing field by making preparation affordable
  • Expose students to time-management skills
  • Make the final Selective Exam or OC Exam seem easy

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